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Magic Bag - Games and Activities based on Tradional Hungarian Culture

Kids, come  dance and play with us !
You are all most welcome to take part in the classes free of charge till Christmas. Stay with us if you like it.

The idea of the Magic Bag  , retaining and preserving Hungarian Traditions through games and activities in English  has come from the realization that more and more foreign families decide to live  in Hungary for some time but due to lack of communication they leave the country without getting acquainted with Hungarian culture. However a nation can be known through its language and culture – as Kodály said "by giving willingly  from ourselves".

The Magic Bag wishes to help to overcome the language problems by addressing both parents and children in English. This „mutual” language would create a bridge  - lots of  nurseries and schools teach English – between the foreign families and the wonderful Hungarian traditions and heritage. In this way we can achieve our aim that is to hand over some of our wonders left to us and  collected by Kodály and Bartók and their successors to foreigners coming from different cultures.

On the other hand the Magic Bag wants to help language learning as well as it is both active and interactive. The children will get acquainted with Hungarian folk music and dance, Hungarian handicrafts and with the English language at the same time. While they are dancing – there is no child who wouldn’t move when hearing some music – they will learn the name of the dance, its forms, and all the expressions that are used while playing and dancing.

So  the Magic Bag will not interfere with  language teaching at the nurseries and schools, on the contrary, it will help  and while it introduces children into the  the wonderful world of our culture, through them the parents will also get to know it. Its effects are many-sided : it makes children love the language, has positive effects on their development and at last but not at least it makes children be interested in our culture and traditions.

The greatest value of the Magic Bag is that the classes always include live music. Children will adore adults making music, it will make them control their bodies and memorize everything. The contact with the musical instruments gives them special feeling and they will also get to know the traditional Hungarian instruments.

The programme is organized in three-month-sessions and according to our plan we will meet once a week ( on Saturday mornings ).

The purely English lessons will be held by experts – dancers, musicians,etc. who speak English and can easily win the children’s sympathy. Their work will be helped by English teachers.

We wish to address three main groups:

  1. Embassies accredited to Hungary, children of the diplomatic corps and also children whose parents live and work in Hungary as representatives of foreign companies.
  2. Hungarian children who attend English nurseries or schools and children who don’t speak English but  are interested in learning it.
  3. The children of different nations and communities living in Hungary ( e.g. Chinese communities, Russian and other communities )

In the long run we plan to ensure that the different groups might get mixed thus the different nations will get to know each other by playing with each other and so will they get acquainted with the Hungarian traditions.

At the same time they will have the opportunuty to show each other their own culture and tradtions as well. 

We plan to organize an autumn and a spring session. But if the children and their parents are interested we can organize summer session too.

The syllabus will rely on the dates of the Hungarian traditions and celebrations, starting at the very beginning so no child will have the feeling that he has missed anything.

At the end of each session we plan a closing show.


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