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The Method

The Magic Bag  is  a „traditional class - session ” teaching English with all the traditional Hungarian games  and activities.

Why Magic Bag

  • Because it is a special method with the help of which we teach language, dance, music, handicraft and protocol – collective behaviour
  • Because Hungarian and non-Hungarian children can learn with each other and from each other
  • Because it is educational
  • Because we also want to train teachers. 

Why English

Because this is the language that can be used to show our rich heritage – inherited from our ancestors -  to the foreign children living in Hungary. Only few nations can be proud of such colourful heritage. While dancing and playing games children will learn unconsciously such stereotypes that will be useful later while learning consciously the language at school. The playful teaching is helped by the mixing of the groups when Hungarian children will play with the native children so getting closer to each other and to the language, they will get used to hearing English, its intonation and tune, and they will be confident when using the  English language later.

Children accomplishing several sessions at the Magic Bag will reach an advanced level not only in dancing, music and handicraft but in learning English language as well.

Starting from the third session we will teach interactive texts as well i.e. short texts in the form of  a dialogue, such as folk tales and traditional games.

Why folk dance and traditional games

We inherit our traditions but genetically we are not coded to them. We should learn them and teach them to reach a useful effect. The folk dance besides  entertaining, teaches strict social rules and  behaviour models. The movements become harmonious, the sense of rhythm will improve, the children will get used to proper behaviour and to be more sensitive and responsive to their mates. )

The small child will learn to use its body in harmony with the music and will learn to watch out for independent elements – to create a circle, a square. During the dances with different utensils they will learn how to handle the tools and take care of each other as well..

Later on while dancing in pairs they will learn the proper, polite relationship between a boy and a girl, a man and a woman.

Why live music

According to the ancient Greeks the music educates our feelings .In our case live  music means caring , the adult cares for the children, they play for them, and only for them. All these will help the children to gain confidence and to memorize different things easily.

The closeness of the musical instruments is also very important – most children hardly ever have the opportunity to touch a musical instrument, to see and hear how the musicians play the traditional Hungarian musical  instruments  such as the violin, the contrabass, the flute, the bagpipe or the hurdy- gurdy.

Why handicraft

The happiness of the mutual activities has a great „teambuilding” effect on the children, and it will improve their characters. There is nothing better than to create something. The happy feeling of „ I have done it  for you, Mum” makes the child feel important, and then we have achieved our aim, to  help the children in their development , and their sense for the useful activities.

Besides handicraft children will get to know the natural materials, their nature, and also the fact that with either little work, or with sometimes longer series of activities the natural material will become a useful utensil..


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